SRE Classes

Australian Sikh Association Ltd. complaints procedure

Australian Sikh Association (ASA) Ltd. provides Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers in the NSW Public Schools where the school principal has showed interest to run SRE classes on Sikhism. As a provider of SRE teacher/s, ASA has established a complaint handling committee including Company Secretary, Director of Education and other members as delegated by the Board of Directors of ASA Ltd.

ASA Ltd. supports a culture that values complaints and their effective resolution in accordance with the policy and procedures. Our complaints procedure ensures resolution within a reasonable timeframe and fairness, and we make sure the following measures to mitigate the issue/s:

· Training of all staff to treat all people with respect including people who make a complaint and any person who is the subject of a complaint.

· Manage individual complaints in accordance with the policy and procedures of NSW Education Department.

· Encourage SRE teachers to resolve concerns directly wherever possible.

· Support all SRE teachers involved in the complaints process.

· Support staff to handle complaints promptly and responsively.

· We review complaint outcomes and establish guidelines to mitigate the related issue/s.

· We escalate high risk and systematic issues arising from complaint/s, if any.

Review of SRE teaching

Director of Education, ASA Ltd. has established a sub-committee at the community language school (Guru Nanak Punjabi School, Glenwood) for this purpose. Sub Committee conducts teacher’s training & development days and review of SRE teaching, twice a year. Review and training include:

  • Provision of authorised curriculum on SRE teaching on Sikhism.

  • WhatsApp group of SRE teachers for discussion and information sharing.

  • Teachers survey for feedback on the results of SRE teaching on Sikhism.

  • Training to develop skills in answering student questions.

  • Skills development in progressing the lesson.

  • Skills development in classroom management and maintaining student engagement.

  • Training to develop negotiation skills of all the staff.

Based on the teachers’ feedback, this year an updated information on Sikhism was provided to help teachers to maintain students’ engagement in the lessons. Teachers’ development days been very helpful for the SRE teachers to gain confidence in the management of students.

Review of SRE teaching was conducted for each teacher and feedback was sought for improvement. All the teachers were found using an approved curriculum of teaching on Sikhism. As per the previous training, all the teachers were using audio visual aids for teaching and to get the students fully engaged in the class. All the teachers were found to be satisfied with the support they are getting from the ASA Ltd. Randomly, feedback was sought from the parents as well, and they were found to be satisfied with the SRE teaching. Best comments as provided by the parents, were passed on to the teachers on their WhatsApp group, for appreciation. No big issue was identified in the review, and still we have planned to conduct a teachers development day before the start of next school term.


ASA Ltd. have established a reporting system, under which all the SRE teachers have been trained on how to report an incident. In case there is any incident, it’s mandatory for the SRE teachers to report the incident in detail, to the Director of Education, ASA Ltd.